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Wish List

I have always been a person who’s afraid to say my goals out loud. When I say something, I feel this deep down anxious need to make sure it’s done. A person of my word per se. For example, if I say it and for some reason, it doesn’t happen my whole world will collapse. So, I say these goals to you not lightly. Actually, instead of goals, I’ve decided to call it my wish list. So here you go.

I’ve been home for 13 years with my kids. I love being a mom but there’s always been this desire to bring in my own empowerment. Being a mom has been beyond rewarding and there’s nothing like it that will ever compete, but there’s been something missing inside me. I guess I’ve missed my inner Boss babe. So, when I took on this career my goals were simple. One contract a month, and to help as many people as I could. Well, 5 months in and already surpassing my yearly goal I am daring myself to dream bigger.

So my wish for this year 2021 is this...

It’s not a number I want to hit but a reputation to build. I want people to hear my name and know that I have their back. That I take this huge responsibility of the biggest purchase of their life not lightly. I want to see my clients glow with genuine smiles on their faces when they say thank you. I want to be known as the person who they trust and when all is said and closed would use me again.

So far my clients have become my friends some even like family. I’ve always been a people person but I truly want to step outside the typical box of sales and let them know they come first. Their needs, their hopes, and their happiness.

My second wish is to give back to as many charities as possible. I love that my clients have brought awareness to charities that I didn’t even know about. Passions they may not have been able to give to without this purchase or sale. They pick their passion, and the gift is received. So many clients have given smiles to so many unexpected recipients. I walk-in and they usually have no clue that a check is about to be given. Some look shocked, some have cried, but they always are so thankful beyond words. It has been the biggest blessing and it is what drives me to keep working as hard as I am.

My third wish is to find balance. I am not going to lie this one has been difficult. Being home for so long and now throwing myself into a full-time job has had its ups and downs. My family is used to having me at their beck-call and I can tell they are starting to miss the undivided attention. I have learned to days that I set aside that belong only to my family. Still trying to cook dinner, do the laundry, take care of the pets, bath time, homework. And the list goes on and on. I just hope I am setting an example to my sons that when they look for in their wives. I hope they find someone who has passion. Who loves others, sets goals, and genuinely loves this life we are given. I hope they find something they are excited about and in this unknowing world they can take some control of their lives and live it kindly.

I still want to continue dating my husband who has been thrown into the role of full-time dad when I’m not home. I have to say on a recent date there were so many new conversations to be had. We had all of these new topics to relate to and spent the whole night talking like teenagers. One day it will be just us and finding this common ground was something we really needed. Right now I’m just living on a high and am so thankful to God for leading me down the path he has. Challenges and all, this year I have found myself a totally different me. I feel blessed and thankful even amongst all this chaos.

I do have some future goals and trust me they are big but I’m going to keep those ones a little secret for now. But trust me I have spoken them out loud and one thing I know about me is when I speak it, it gets done. So I’m anxiously waiting for you to keep following so I can reveal them as this journey of mine continues.




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