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The Scott - Scottsdale, AZ

The Scott: a boutique hotel with a Cuban twist.

Enter the grand front doors and get a waft of sweet sandalwood, warm vanilla, and the scent of mommy freedom; apparently, they have their own fragrance pumping through the vents. (Which is fabulous!)

When you walk in, you want to throw on a swimsuit and cover-up and lounge with a book and drink in hand – which you can- with plenty of eye candy with the amount of bachelor and bachelorette parties going on. Oooo la laaa!

They have two pools: one with a bar and one with a sandy beach.

What I loved: I soaked up the whole look of the hotel: the aesthetic is so my style. I love going to a place where I feel like I’m somewhere I haven’t been. The Cuban flare is all around and the place screams, “Let’s have a photoshoot!”

The Canal Club is delicious and very flavorful. Their signature drinks are divine- my favorite being the white sangria called Desert Solitaire.

The drink was so good, and soo dangerous. I’m a fancy “make my drink look pretty” type of girl, so I was all about it.

I love when a place makes you feel special, The Scott was one of those places: they found out it was my mother’s birthday and gave us free drink cards. So sweet that they gave us drink cards for my mom's birthday.

They were very accommodating, and let us check in right away. The beds were comfortable and I couldn’t hear anything coming from next door… Always a plus.

The location is in the heart of downtown and they give you free shuttle rides within a 5-mile radius. (TOTAL PLUS)

What I didn’t love: Our room felt so cute and was one of the basic rooms with a typical sized hotel closet. I have upgraded before and the closet was huge; I was curious what the basic room contained but was still very impressed with the basic room. They have a packed fridge so if you want to have a place for your leftovers you may be in trouble. I did hear they will bring you an empty fridge but you still need to go and ask about it. The rooms are comfortable but just FYI the TV is super quiet and the volume doesn’t turn up very high, so watching a movie is not the best option (which is something I like to do… hello mommy free time – uninterrupted movie watching). The Scott is more of a drink, eat, chill at the pool, then sit in the room type of place.

It’s not The Scott’s fault, but the busyness at The Canal Club was a bit frustrating. The bar service was super slow – only one bartender. Maybe on a weekday that would be okay, but for a weekend, there are way too many people to serve with only one bartender.

Final Thoughts: The Scott is a wonderful place to stay with girlfriends for a good getaway weekend. However, it’s not the most kid-friendly place. You’ll definitely get stared at if you have the littles in tow.

All in all, The Scott was a pleasant experience for much-needed mommy time away. I give The Scott 4 out of 5 happy hours. I’ll be back again.

Cheers! ~Blaire


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