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The Flag of Peace

Hi, everyone. I know I have been off the blog train, and I know some of you have missed it. There is so much going on in the world, and I didn’t feel like I had much to say. Well, that’s not true, I have plenty to say- but didn’t want to offend anyone. It seems like all we can do these days is offend everyone.

Do you ever wish we could go back? Back to a time without social media? Without the cancel culture and without seeing so much hate? I feel like fear is the lead headline in a world full of chaos. I feel an overwhelming sadness for our children, and it’s very clear to me who’s behind it. A friend posted a quote recently, and the message was this: “The devil doesn’t care who’s doing the fighting as long as there is fighting.” It’s so true, and all I see and hear is fighting.

As you all know I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus is love. If it doesn’t come from love, it’s not from Him. I think we need more love. I wish we could all put our weapons down and fly our flag of peace. Start over and new.

I wish the past sins can be wiped away, and we can look at one another’s differences as beautiful- not as a threat to our own self-worth. I wish we could discuss opinions without the vile encroachment of anger. I believe peace and forgiveness are where it starts- not spitting at one another through keyboards and masks. I’m not sure where the need to always be right began, but is it really worth the death of our community to do so? I wonder if we are even capable of peace anymore. Can we even start over? Or is there too much anger and fear feeding our hearts to even begin on this path? Change is needed, it’s demanded at this point. I want change too. I just want love to be your focus for that change. If you feel frustrated and hurt- it’s your right. It’s a human emotion that is strong and powerful. Passionate people on every side are screaming to be heard. I just can’t hear what anyone is saying anymore. I only hear screaming.

What happened to listening? What happened to peaceful debates? Is this even something we are capable of doing anymore? I understand the anger and disappointment and the passion behind it. I just don’t understand the hate behind it. The hate on both sides. This is what the devil wants, he wants to hate, it gives him life. He is hovering over us smiling. I imagine him there, saying, “Yes, see God I told you they are simple creatures that are selfishly motivated. They don’t REALLY love, they don’t truly care about one another, they hate each other! Look how easy it is to get them to fight one another? Look how easy it is for me to take away their peace, their freedom, and their forgiveness.” All of this while God still patiently hopes for us, cries for us, and still loves us.

I still have hope, I still pray for all of our children. I want change too. I want our black brothers and sisters to be able to go home to their families. To continue to climb the ladder of success and triumph. I want their lives to matter to you. I want them to stop feeling like they are being hunted and killed because of skin they were born with. I want the differences in our skin to be considered beautiful, and nothing else.

I want our officers to not be crucified. It sickened me when an officer was killed recently- his death was applauded (by some), and treated by others like the decision to wear a badge was a target on his back- an opening to be murdered in cold blood. I want police officers to go be able to go home to their families, and for the good ones (most of them) to help change the parts of the system that are flawed. For they feel hunted, too.

I want our brothers and sisters who love the same sex to not be thrown out of churches. I want them to be supported and loved for who they are and not persecuted for who they chose to love. For they are feeling hunted, too.

I want Christians to stand up! We need to say to the world that we are throwing our anger out. We are getting on our knees, and we are using our best, most powerful resource, God. We need to pray for everyone, and we need to pray for peace. We pray for forgiveness for ourselves and for those who we have hurt. We pray for eyes and ears and a heart like Jesus. We pray for LOVE to take over. We will put our anger down and pick up the flag of peace. For we are all being hunted.

written By Blaire Lometti Mathias

edited by Lauren Riley


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