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Tammy Whitington

Tammy Ann Whitington was born in San Bernardino California August 12, 1968. She eventually moved to Tucson Arizona and graduated from Palo Verde High School. Tammy is Mother to Brock, Brogan, and stepdaughter Bethany. She has one grandson named Liam. Chris Whitington and Tammy have been married for 17 loving years.

Tammy’s dream was to have children and shower them with love. Her dreams began when she met her husband Chris while working together. Within three years of meeting, they married on December 26, 2004. Starting their family right away with two beautiful boys and a lovely stepdaughter with Chris. Tammy’s hobbies were anything that involved her children. Taking pictures of them while they played sports. Making sure they had every opportunity to excel in their goals and dreams. Being the team mom and making sure all the kids had snacks and drinks. Organizing parties for her son's Brazilian Jujitsu gym. She lived for her children.

Tammy was the gym Mom. Everyone knew her name and she gave the best hugs. Always offering to help with rides so kids wouldn’t miss out. Holding babies so parents could get pictures of their kids. At tournaments, she was always prepared to help everyone stay happy and organized. Even though she was a soft squeaky-spoken woman, she cheered the loudest for everyone she loved. Tammy was always finding ways to show others she cared. Like bringing them soup when they were sick. Offering to babysit when the parents had important events. Donating her time to others and animals.

Tammy was her husband’s best cheerleader. Always so positive and uplifting to others as well. Tammy would give you the shirt on her back if you needed it. She had a love for animals. Mainly dogs, she had 4 at any given time. Her animals were treated like family and when you went to her home you were greeted by all. Tammy loved to share funny photos and articles with everyone she knew. She really lived for happiness.

Tammy’s life was cut short after a battle with cancer. She definitely was a fighter and really gave her all. Thankfully Chris and her three children were able to give their goodbyes and love. The loss of Tammy has shattered so many in the local community. Feeling like we lost our angel on Earth.

We are thankful she is no longer in pain. But she is missed every second, every minute, and every day. We love you, Tammy


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