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Scottsdale - Drink, Eat and Shop...

What to do in Scottsdale, first off what’s there not to do? Shopping, eating, drinking, did I say shopping? Did I say eating? Did I say drinking? There’s a restaurant on every corner. Right now I’m in love with old town. I love Kierland and Christmas at the princess but that’s for a future blog.

Old town has charm, fun, and that vacation vibe for family, girls trips and date nights. Live music is life for me and if you even say live music while brunching my red shoes will click 3 times and I’m home. Day drinking, live music, friends, my hubby, it’s just perfection.

For me old town is where it’s at and I think the secrets out of the bag cause the new hotels and condos popping up and all of the new restaurants scream “hot new girl in town.”

You can’t even go to every restaurant it’s just not possible but god willing I’m going to try.

My obsession right now, Citizen Public house. It’s definitely on the nice side, so kids would hate it. Think date night or lady night.

We walked into a cute Happy bday reserved table, and the service was a 10 from the get go. No waiting, no feeling rushed, just 💯 focus. We felt special and you all know I love feeling special. We started off with drinks I got a sparking Rosé, and my sister got a beautiful tasting cab. We started off with the heirloom popcorn, kilt lifter fondue, and the famous chopped salad. Now I liked everything but if I was a millionaire I’d have a chef make me that salad every day. It was flavorful and beyond perfection. Just talking about it makes me want to hop in the car and go get one. Worth the the 2 hour drive. That’s how good it is.

Now because we can’t just stop at that, we had to order the scallops and the short ribs. Both were fantastic and if that salad wasn’t soo dang good I’m sure I’d have something more impactful to say. It’s not the entrees fault it’s the salads for being that good. I give the public citizen house a 5 happy mommy stars. I’m getting in my car and heading there now. Only one life right?




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