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New Year 2018

I’m sure everyone is expecting a good riddance 2017 and how I had such a horrible year....and Yes, I am so happy to be over this year. However, this year brought growth and clarity into what needed to be changed. It was full of a crazy heartbreaking trial that lead to a God roaring triumph. This year was without question was the hardest year of my life. At times I didn’t know if I would get through it or if my heart would ever heal. But I did!!! I got up and I not only got through it I am overcoming it. When my marriage was at one point over, we turned to God and listened and surrendered to his plan. So instead of giving up we have come together. My husband who was completely lost hit his rock bottom and is now a Christian man and a leader in this family. What the devil tried to use as destruction God used as construction. He blessed us with another baby Boy coming in 10 weeks, a beautiful New Home that makes me pinch myself, and a husband I am proud of. So am I glad to see 2017 go? Yes, but I am thankful for it. I am thankful for the strength God gave me, the amazing support that still surrounds me, a forgiving heart he created in me, and a promise he whispered in my ear for my family’s future. So if this year has been hell be thankful, if this year has been full of blessings, be thankful. It’s not about yesterday it’s about Today and what you will do with it to make tomorrow better. Happy New Years everyone and God bless your 2018.


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