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Mommy's Who Have The Blues...

Dear Mommy’s who have the blues....

Your home alone, probably with spit up on your shoulder, you haven’t taken a shower in who knows how long, and your hair is a bun.

You are probably scrolling right now feeling the “insta” mommy finger that you are not enough. Pinterest rubbing its snotty little nose all in your face, giving you the “how toos” without how to.

Let’s talk about that stupid Pinterest and how unrealistic this stuff is. I mean God bless you if you are like my sister and can master all things visual but come on! Who has time for that! Well it’s not necessarily about the time but more like I have no idea how to follow direction. Let alone make it look this beautiful picture you have posted. One time I covered my entire bathroom in fabric and starch as a “diy wallpaper” and it looked like a haut mess failure from hell. My husband laughed and I cried.

So I’m not a Pinterest mom. I’ll pay you to make my life Pinteresty. Shout out to christy and tiffany- they are my Pinterest moms I keep in my pocket for when I want to feel “enough”. But why? Why do I have to feel enough? Why can’t I just know and feel enough within my own self?

Here I am with the grand idea that my sons birthday party will be the absolute “poo” that I see on Pinterest. But I’m sitting here with 5 balloons because I can’t breathe into them, I have two dozen melted cupcakes and three with bite marks in them and a half blown up bounce house that’s looking like it’s about to be blown over. I’m a piterwsy failure. That’s me.

This is the moment I know I need help. So I call my version of 911, T&C, and say dear God please make this look like I MADE THIS HAPPEN.

This is when t&c comes in for a small fee (because you always support your friends.) and makes every dream of my Pinterest boards comes true . Let’s talk about why we don’t feel good enough is it our childhood? Or is it that we are surrounded by a fake world on a glamorous magic pill. Everything we see is fake.

Moms and their “new bodies”, hollywood and their romances, fake relationships, Instagram, and you will feel very much not enough. Not even the people posting on these platforms can keep up with their fake reality.

I know I can’t. So let’s time for the real mommas. I’m in the same clothes that I slept in, I don’t do my own hair, because I can’t, and I may or may not be growing a mustache. But hey, photoshop makes me look beautiful.

Let’s be real. Do I use the magic of editing for my life?! Absofreakinglutely. But hey. Gotta keep up

But, my friendships are real. My relationship is real. And I’m trying to make this mommy blog as real as possibly.

Do I understand you, lonely momma? Daily. Do I fill voids? Absolutely. How do you fill your void? How do you stop being so lonely? Because I know for sure that it’s the mommy invites, it’s the stepping outside your house, its the forcing yourself to be social that will bring that light back into your life.

Don’t let those insecurities take over your beautiful mind.

You are fabulous. Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to make it look like you did. Where’s our people at?




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