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Mommy Day From Hell!

Hi my name is Blaire and I’m a stay at home mom. Today was a day. It’s fall break and all 3 crazies are home. Slowly leaching themselves onto my Patience and sucking it dry. Today had me Dreaming of the day my youngest goes to kinder and I can have a real job. One that appreciates me and pays me with actual money. I love my children and I love spending time with them but was a full blown nightmare.

I usually have patience and I’m a very happy person but today they came close to breaking me. You know moms how much we do in a day. We wake up, then get to work...feeding our children, getting them dressed, work on their hygiene and you know.... try and keep them alive.

This is just the first hour of our day. This is fine, this is normal... then as I’m getting the kids ready I step on some legos...legos are no joke. They are one of the most painful things to step on. Again this is normal, this is ok.... then I reach to get my coffee. I’m not sure if it’s the lingering pain of the LEGO or just my crazies pulling me in 3 different directions but I somehow don’t put the cup under the coffee pot. So now I have a pain in my foot and a coffee puddle on the ground. I promise you at this point I’m still ok. I did think about drinking it from the floor but I shook that thought off. Then it’s time to get in the car and teach class. Shep the baby is in a really hard stage right now. He likes to scream and doesn’t have much patience. Officially my angel baby has slipped into a little needy monster. I don’t have family here so my morning classes I bring him with me. That’s why all my classes are kid friendly, I understand not having help. So as I’m teaching, Shep is having a full blown melt down, my middle Maddox is literally climbing the walls and my oldest is screaming at me that he’s HUNGRY. Just fed him but you know what’s new. All 3 are pulling on my patience strings and it’s only 830am. So with all the drama going somehow I manage to get through class. Thank goodness my girls I teach are awesome. What I wanted to do was grab my kids, leave, and go cry in my car. But they are moms and they get it.

Now we are back home and McKay is summersaulting from room to room, Maddox is complaining about something is unfair and the baby is fully attached to my hip. I look around the house and it’s just destroyed. I mean clothes everywhere, toys everywhere and the words “we are bored!” Coming my direction every 5 minutes. I beg for them to go outside and get their wiggles out but they just blank stare at my direction. Somehow I weave and bob and manage to get away from the terrors just to stare at all the dishes in the sink. How many meals a day do these kids eat? The thought of paper plates and cups quickly go on my grocery list and then I hear a shatter. The baby, I forgot about the baby. He’s under my feet and had got into the drawer right underneath me and broke about 3 wine glasses. I quickly scoop him up thankfully unharmed and put him in his play pen. He hates this and is yelling at me in some language Other than English. I look at him and explain that II’m just trying to get this house clean and he can’t be out because of the glass. He yells some kind of profanity at me and I walk away. As I’m picking up the glass the other two criminals come wrestling in fighting about who knows what. All I see is both of them wrestling to the floor and yelling with red faces about some toy. The baby is screaming. They are about to hurt one another and I’m on the floor picking up glass. “Please stop fighting” in my sweet Snow White voice. This then turns quickly into Medusa because no one is listening to me and everyone’s screaming and crying and I must have forgot a little glass because I look down and there’s blood. I panic and don’t event think it could be from me and make sure everyone’s ok. The boys then immediately stop fighting and with looks of concern on there faces say “mom your bleeding.” I look down and have blood dripping from my hand. I must have cut it in the chaos. I wrap it up and the boys stop fighting to give me a hug and tell me they love me. They are crazy but they are sweet. I wrap up my hand and ask the boys for 5 minutes of alone time. I have to get this house cleaned before my husband gets home. It’s seems like its impossible at this point.

I take a breath and exhale and just become emotional. I hate yelling, I hate cleaning and doing the same job over and over but it has to be done. I then remember words of wisdom from my friend Lauren about asking the Holy Spirit to bring me peace and calm down. I also start thinking of Steven Furtiks words of being thankful for the little things. I’m pretty sure his message was about mundane jobs and how frustrating they can be but to be thankful anyways. I could be wrong but I’m going with it and it’s helping. I put some Christian music on and get to work. The house is beginning to look clean when I hear it... you know silence. The kind you know is trouble. I start to head to the baby’s room and I don’t even need to open the door before I smell it.... it’s poop and it’s everywhere. His hair, his body, his crib, his mouth. I don’t even have time to gag I just go into mom action. Grabbing him with as little touching as possible and throwing him in the bath. I then begin screaming for help. Both boys come in take one look and run outside. I guess that’s one way to get them out of the house. I get the baby clean throw the poop blankets in the wash and crumble to the floor. It’s 2pm that’s it.....

Forget it...where’s my wine.


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