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Meet the Happy Mommy Hour Fighter

Blaire Lometti, founder of Happy Mommy Hour and a Happy Mommy REALTOR® with Realty One Group Integrity is proud to be an official sponsor of MMA Fighter and Mommy Rosselyn Chavira. Chavira will be making her Professional debut on June 11th under the management of First Round Management. Please take a moment to read the impressive story of Rosselyn Chavira.

The Story of Happy Mommy Hour Fighter

Written by Rosselyn Chavira

I first started fighting at the age of nine years old. My brother would get bullied a lot in school and would never defend himself. Throughout school I would always get in trouble for that reason, but it was ok as long as I defended my brother or so I thought. When I was fourteen, I got into a fight at school and the cops were called. My mom was fed up and she took me to a boxing gym. I trained for months and then had to stop because I had my daughter Maiiah. My relationship with her father was very toxic and it became an issue if I tried to go back to the gym. At 19 I left the relationship and started training again. I would take Maiiah to the gym with me and she would sit there and watch me, or the other trainers would teach her how to have a proper stance and how to throw a good jab.

I competed for USA boxing for a few years and was able to get 10 amateur fights under my belt. I decided to try out Mixed Martial Arts and trained for another 3 years. My Ultimate goal was to become a professional fighter and get paid for what I love to do. Having a daughter at such an early age was not a setback for me, because in my mind I was determined to not be another statistic, another pregnant Latina, high school dropout from Tucson. I will never forget what the one person in high school told me while I was about eight months pregnant already, “Your life is over you're not gonna go anywhere!” Where I grew up being a teen mother that dropped out of school was the norm. This was not going to be me! I graduated high school a year early and got a diploma from a vocational trade school, so I was able to support myself and Maiiah while still training.

I've always had big dreams and I knew what I had to do in order to reach them. At one point, I felt lost and unmotivated to keep training, so I decided to change up the scenery because I wasn't going to give up. I went to three different gyms and was still not satisfied. I found Dominate Fitness & MMA on Instagram through Pete Rodriguez, now a current teammate. I decided to send a message to my current and best coach of all time, Bernie. I asked if I could come train or try the gym out. Then Covid hit and I was out of luck again. One day he texted me and said I could come spar with the team and get some rounds in. I've been there ever since, and now I'm about to make my professional debut in a few weeks.

I'm grateful and always humbled to have opportunities like this. I’m truly blessed to have support from those who have never met me, those who have witnessed me grow as a fighter, and most importantly as a mother.

Thank you Blaire and all of my sponsors for being in my corner and helping make my goals a reality!



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