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Let's Travel

What’s your happy hour? I know mine. It’s that moment I get to be free. Maybe slightly selfish. That hour to myself wether it’s working out, enjoying life, a date night with my hubs, or dancing and laughing with my girls. When we ask “what’s your happy hour?” it can mean so many things. Officially people thing cocktails and food at a discounted price. Which trust me I will be letting you know the best happy hours around. But I want to know what makes you happy? What is it that gives you joy? So many things right? Well this is what I want to explore. My girlfriend Lauren told me that if I ever die my gravestone will say “never boring” and I plan to live up to that. I love traveling and seeing new places. Finding out where the locals go and all the secret and not so secret wonders. Dining at places that make me drool in my dreams, and Staying at places that give me the goosies from head to toe. I want memories and to close my eyes and to say “i lived life and I loved it.” On this blog you will see hot spots, local happy hours, travel and where we go. The best workouts and get fit tips by Brit and daily intentions and meditation with David. We will all be posting at different times and want you to interact with us as much as possible. We want to know your favorite spots, your favorite things to do and most of all see that #happymommyhour

We also want to support all thing woman. So once a month we will be doing a post on our woman of the month. We are very excited for this and hopefully you love following us as much as we love following all of you.


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