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LaPaloma Staycation

It’s one of our Happy Mommy Hours bday Lauren and we wanted to do a stay cation.

We all have kids so getting away more than for one day can be difficult. So we lined the sitters up grabbed our girl and headed to north Tucson. We got a room at the La Paloma and strangely, I have t stayed their before.

We pulled up to valet usually 25$ a night and they must have overheard it was a celebration because they instantly comped us. They held our bags while we checked in and they were soo sweet! When opening up the doors you realize how large the property is. They have a a gorgeous full spa, two pools, a swim up bar, a waterfall, and slides for the kids and adults.

While checking in the customer service was impeccable. They once again knew it was our girls bday and as we checked in they had champagne and a dessert trio sent to our room. How special is that?

The room had a beautiful view of the golf course and mountains and the room was super comfortable. They even had lavender oil to spray on your pillow to relax. Love!

We decided to take advantage of the no kids in tow rule and headed straight to pool with the swim up bar. The bar gets a little backed up and is definitely pricey. Out of all the drinks I saw I would say the holiday sweet cheeks was the best. You are looking at 10-14$ a drink.

We spent most of the day sun bathing and chatting because when you don’t have kids with you, you actually get to have uninterrupted conversations. Imagine that?! I see these girls daily and we are either working out or entertaining our kids so time alone is always so special. We laughed A Lot!!!

We wanted to pack the day full of fun so we went back to the room around 330 to get dressed for happy hour.

La Paloma has a free shuttle anywhere within 5 miles. Sooo nice! So we decided to head to the fabulous near by resort The Hacienda. However the La Paloma has a killer restaurant called the contigo. If we weren’t craving prime rib and pretty in pink drinks this is where we would have gone. I will be back with another post about contigo later.

As we were getting ready I wanted to take a moment and just enjoy. What I love about our girl time is how girly we really are. Clothes flown about, helping one another with make up, hair products, and changing a million times even though we are there for only one night. If you know me you know I’m usually standing about helplessly with my hair in a mess and because I have such amazing friends they never let me leave without looking hair ready. Thank god I have talented friends. Brit is actually the one who does my hair. Lauren helps me when Brit can’t, and Cassie usually just makes sure I’m acceptable to be seen in public.

La Paloma was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend for every trip. Family, girl date, and romantic. The staff is beyond friendly and made us all feel like they wanted us there. It’s such a pet peeve of mine to go into a hotel and feel like I’m just another person. They were above and beyond. The property is gorgeous, and the rooms were so affordable. Living social was having a deal and we got it for 109$ I’m all about that deal.

So for la Paloma I would say 4.5 stars. Only reason for the half a minus was the bar at the pool needs a little work on their service. It’s a little chaotic. Other than that it was perfect.

When we were all dolled up we hit the shuttle and headed over to the less than 3 mile away hacienda.

When you walk up to the Hacienda you feel like you are somewhere new. This is the actual location Robbie and I picked to renew our vows. Coming up in March.




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