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Girl's Night

Where my girls at? Is there anything more freeing than being with your girls? My friends are my life. They know me inside and out and love me for all the crazy I am. I still have the same friends from 4th grade and gain new sisters all the time. When you moved as much as I have you learn to let those boundaries down and take people in. I used to be a sort of people collector. I love you the moment I meet you till you prove me wrong. Sadly I learned a painful lesson and definitely have those boundaries up now. Heartbreak and bad friends can do that to you. I changed from it but I promised myself I would never let It affect who I am as a person. Anyways it’s a long story full of tears and hurt and for another blog.

My girls have been there for me when I was heartbroken and on the floor broken, needed major prayer, guidance and no judgement. Without them I’m not sure life would be as bright. They give me advice when I need it and know how sensitive my Sagittarius self can be. They know how to bring me back from spiraling out and they know how to lift me up when I need it. One thing I have in common with my friends is we all bring something to the table. We love life, we live life, and we love one another. My girls are very protective of me and sometimes I’m the one calming them down when someone hurts me. I absolutely love them for it. We all wear our hats and we all work our mommy butts off. We work out, we brunch, we lunch, we happy hour. Mommy hood is amazing and it’s without my children I would be lost. However I feel like I’m every mom out there and need a break from there constant mommy whines and grubby little hands. If this offends you, this blog is not for you.

I need girl trips, where we wear onesies and drink gorgeous hand made cocktails, I need oysters and dancing around fire pits, I need music and singing on the top of our lungs. Give me freedom, give me fun, give me something for when I close my eyes I can dream about it later. I want to hike and take selfies and make picnics and blog about it. I’m definitely not a Pinterest girl but I’ll outsource to someone who is. I want my life to be what the movies pretend to be. Best part is, it’s not that hard. It’s all what you make of it. Talk to your friends daily, make the effort, don’t fight without learning and chose wisely. Girlfriends are what god gave you to get through the hard stuff.




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