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Date Night

He still makes me laugh after all this time. I love how his smile makes me instantly feel safe and excited all at once. We look up at the waitress and laugh as I tell her no cucumbers in our sushi roll before he even asks. He hates cucumbers. He hates most vegetables which is hilarious since he sells produce for a living. We then order a beer and a hot saki to share. We have a deadline to get to the roadhouse to see the movie IT. Sushi is a favorite of ours and we have been wanting to try Sushi Garden for awhile. Our friends have raved about it for awhile so we finally made the choice to go.

Sushi garden was welcoming and had a fun atmosphere. I feel like it’s definitely kid friendly and casual. Not too expensive and very tasty rolls. They have a happy hour 3-6pm and all you can eat buffet. Sadly after a stint in Vegas I don’t do sushi buffets. However if you want to eat good sushi on a budget this is your place. I’m not sure if this is ultimate pick for date night, but I would be back with the boys. We order two rolls and the boiled yellow tail. Which I could barely eat because every time I tired to grab it, it would fall off my chopsticks and onto the table. Again making us laugh to the point we both gave up and grabbed forks. It was all delicious besides them forgetting about the cucumbers. Everyone always forgets about the no cucumbers.

The waitress was sweet and felt bad and offered us a free beverage. We thanked her and got the bill and headed off to Roadhouse cinemas.

Roadhouse is always a favorite with the reclined seats and the refillable popcorn. However lately I just can’t find a good movie worth getting a babysitter for. IT the movie was 3 hours long...3 hours. I laughed at most of it even though I think the point was too be scary. It was entertaining but I just think I’m a wait till it comes out on Vudu type of girl. Overall it was a great night to get a moment away with the hubs. I love our date nights. This date was a little more mellow and casual but we need that down time lately. So much is going on and I’m pretty sure my weekends are booked till April.

Life can get so busy sometimes. No matter how busy it gets we always make sure to have dates and family time. Something long ago We forgot to do. Make sure you date your special ones mammas. We get so busy with our mom hats and our life hats sometimes our love life gets put to side. I can’t stress enough how important it is to date your spouse. To talk, to laugh, to make out! 10 years coming up and I get butterflies when he kisses me. I dress up just for how he stares at me. We flirt, we have fun, we have deep conversations. We talk about how awful our kids are and how much we love them at the same time. You need these moments. You need to feel wanted and beautiful. So date, and do it often. You won’t regret these moments of falling back in love. Finding who you both are with and without your children.

Plan your next date and let us know where you go.

I’d give sushi garden 4 out 5 stars

Roadhouse 4 out 5


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