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Blaire Lometti

Real Estate Professional

Blaire was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  Thirteen years ago, she made the move to Arizona and has enjoyed living in and exploring Rio Rico, Tubac, and Sahuarita/Green Valley areas.  She is a Wife, Mommy of three amazing boys, an Entrepreneur and dedicated to giving back to her local community.

Blaire's dedication to helping others has allowed her to become incredibly involved and established in her community. This same desire to help others has also led her to a successful career in Real Estate.  Blaire is well versed and extremely knowledgeable about the Southern Arizona Real Estate market. She has excellent customer service and has a commitment to work hard, and follow-through. Blaire enjoys building relationships with her clients and maintains those relationships by communicating effectively.  Blaire's greatest pride as an agent is that she can help members of her community achieve their dream of homeownership and provide a monetary donation to a local charity in the name of her clients.  As a Real Estate Agent, Blaire has the honor of serving on the Tucson Association of REALTORS®️ Board of Directors for the Tucson Charitable Foundation. In addition, she is a member of the Young Professionals Network and The Women’s Council of REALTORS®️ 

Blaire is also the proud owner of "Happy Mommy Hour", a blog and a charity that allows women to come together to provide support to one another as they share personal life accomplishments, struggles, and special moments.  Together with this dynamic group of Mommies also provides support to local charities and families in their communities who are in need. Every month "Happy Mommy Hour” identifies a local charity and or family that needs a little bit of extra love. Once the "need" is identified "Happy Mommy Hour" will host a charity event to raise money and or the items the local charity or family needs.

As a foodie, Blaire’s favorite pass time to find a locally owned restaurant and post about their amazing mouthwatering plates and specialty cocktails.  If you would love to get to know her more and learn how you can support local businesses, charities and families follow her on Social Media to find what locally owned restaurant she will be at next or connect with directly.

The Happy Mommy REALTOR®️ Real Estate Blog

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