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Blaire Lometti-Mathias

Mommy, Wife, Friend, Entrepreneur & Real Estate Agent

Copy of Copy of Copy of Happy Mommy Hour

Blaire is the proud owner of "Happy Mommy Hour", a blog and a charity that allows

women to come together to provide support to one another as they share personal

life accomplishments, struggles, and special moments.  This blog covers each of those

moments. Some topics are not for the faint of heart, however, each topic discussed covers

something that each of us has experienced as women.


This dynamic group of women also provides support to local charities and families in their communities who are in need. Every month "Happy Mommy Hour” identifies a local charity and or family that needs a little bit of extra love. Once the "need" is identified "Happy Mommy Hour" will host a charity event to raise money and or the items the local charity or family is in need of. If you are interested in contributing to a future charity event, please fill out the form below.

Together we can hold the door open and let the light shine so bright that we can make the darkness shudder. It is at the worst of times we can be the helpers, the miracle, the hope.

Happy Mommy Hour Blog / Vlog

Thank you for taking the time to follow, read and watch my blogs/vlogs. To be notified of future blogs/vlogs please subscribe.  Have a topic you want to learn more or know of a local charity or family please reach out to me.  Happy Mommy Hour would love to help.

To read the latest Real Estate blogs click on the Happy Mommy REALTOR® tab or click HERE

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